Current Family Project

We have now finished one project and have embarked on WES2, for which we need your support and help.

Can you imagine feeling that you are responsible for the destiny of your whole family? That your decision to pursue education and a better life in another country has put the rest of your family in grave danger? That your dream of becoming a human rights lawyer has forced those you love most to flee from their homeland?

This is the burden that this young woman carries daily. It is too much for an ambitious student who just wanted to continue learning and improve herself, an option that was not open to her in Afghanistan. She is exceptionally hard working and she needs to be free to concentrate on her studies at Vancouver Island University.

WES has now committed to raise sufficient funds to provide for her family while thy are living in Turkey, and then to cover the cost of getting them to Nanaimo with sufficient money for them to settle here for the first year. Our initial target is $50,000 and we hope you will be willing to help us reach that goal.

Our task is to raise sufficient funds to provide for a family from Afghanistan who are now living in Turkey, and then to cover the cost of getting them to Nanaimo and to settle them here for the first year. The oldest child of this family is studying at Vancouver Island University. This is …..


I am the oldest child of a family of seven from Afghanistan. The Taliban targeted my family when I was given a scholarship to a prestigious high school in Europe. Twice my father was beaten up and the teachers physically punished my sisters and brother at school for no reason.

I was fortunate to gain a scholarship to Vancouver Island University. It was during my first month of living in Nanaimo that I managed to get my entire family out of Afghanistan. Some of my high school friends had generously agreed to help me when I shared my family’s story with them. A father of one of my peers at school invited my family to visit Turkey, another parent promised a sum of money to support them. My mother secretly packed all the essential documents and the whole family escaped from Afghanistan. Once they were in Turkey my family went to the United Nations to claim asylum as refugees.

My three sisters and one brother, aged 8-18, are all doing well in school and my father is trying to find work. Learning Turkish is not easy, although the younger children are picking it up much more easily than the older ones or my parents. I’m very relieved that they are safer as refugees in Turkey, but my dream is for them all to join me here in Canada so that we can start a new life together.

I am so grateful that the Wiltshire Education Society has decided to help make my family’s dream come true. It means so much to me to be living in a friendly and welcoming community and I know my family will love it tool.

 … and from my siblings in Turkey:
“I want to go swimming, make friends and wear a little skirt.” Youngest sister, aged 8
“I want to join a Canadian soccer team and become a professional player.” Brother, aged 13
“I want to go to a French school and I don’t want to feel scared about what’s going to happen in or after school.” Middle sister, aged 15.